DESIRE – DETERMINATION – DEDICATION - DISCIPLINE 4D Endurance customizes endurance training plans to target your goals while minimizing the risk of injury and optimizing training time. 4D coaches conduct one-on-one consultations to consider your life balance factors, such as career demands, family commitments, and general stress levels. We take your personal requirements and create a personalized training plan to accomplish your goals. 4D athletes participate at all levels of competition from completing their first event to qualifying for the world championships.

1 on 1 Personalized Coaching

 -1 hour initial consultation to discuss past/current training and goals - 12 Week custom periodized plan delivered every 2 weeks based on goals - Unlimited plan edits - Unlimited communication via text and phone(voice calls 8am-7pm) - Support for race prep and race skills - Weekly review of training logs and feedback with edits made as necessary - Access to free clinics INCLUDING 1ST RUN GAIT ANALYSIS FOR FREE - Training and Race Day nutritional guidance

Price: $130/month

Custom Plans

- 30min initial consultation to discuss past/current training and goals - 12 Week custom periodized plan based on goals - Possible plan edits done every at 4 weeks - Athlete driven monthly email communication to review training progression and include feedback at 4 weeks - Support for race prep and race skills for "A" Race - Access to free clinics

Price: $195/12 weeks

Collegiate Coaching

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Price: $100/month

Who are 4D Athletes saying?

Nick, from 4D Endurance, has been my coach since September 2018 after competing at Age Group Nationals and qualifying for World’s. Nick’s coaching and workouts have been instrumental to my success with a 3rd place podium finish at National’s in August 2019 and an 8th place finish at World’s. Nick and 4D Endurance have been instrumental to my transformation from a swimmer who could run and bike into a competitive triathlete. Nick provides me with a challenging training program, designed to accommodate my constant travel schedule and time with my family. His Olympian background, knowledge, and expertise has been invaluable to me. Nick and 4D Endurance has truly made all the difference in my ability to train and compete at a higher level. - Becky DiSorbo - Las Vegas, NV