Training isn't pretty. Success is.

Desire. Determination. Dedication. Discipline.

This is the framework for all the we do at 4D Endurance. The principals within these 4 words helps guide our athletes through training to achieve their goals.

Triathlon training designed for you to win at life and fitness.

Professional-level personalized training plans for busy amateur athletes

100% Customized

We live in a world where professional coaching is available to all. We focus on YOU and your goals, lifestyle, health history, training needs, and schedule. Our customized coaching makes you feel like you have an entourage dedicated to your needs. Because you do. 

No Pressure

Ok, a little pressure! The best kind of pressure - someone has your back, helping to get to the next level. Professional coaching for everyone. Desire, Determination, Dedication, Discipline. We use the 4Ds to get you where you want to go. 

On Your Time

The biggest struggle our clients face is TIME. They have to get their workouts in while also getting kids to school, work meetings complete, travel accomplished, dogs walked, etc. We know that fitness is not your ONLY priority, but it is important. So we work with you to make it fit with everything else on your plate. 

See yourself in 4D
4D Endurance

Our Mission

To help you WIN - meet your goals for next-level fitness, improved times, a more integrated life, a sense of accomplishment.

A 4D Endurance Coaching is tailor-made for you. It's not training for training's sake, it's what you need to get you where you want to go without wasted workouts or mis-directed effort.

Designed by top athletes and coaches, whose focus is on your improvement. We know what good coaching can do, and we want everyone to have it.


Why 4D?

Who are 4D Athletes saying?

Nick, from 4D Endurance, has been my coach since September 2018 after competing at Age Group Nationals and qualifying for World’s. Nick’s coaching and workouts have been instrumental to my success with a 3rd place podium finish at National’s in August 2019 and an 8th place finish at World’s. Nick and 4D Endurance have been instrumental to my transformation from a swimmer who could run and bike into a competitive triathlete. Nick provides me with a challenging training program, designed to accommodate my constant travel schedule and time with my family. His Olympian background, knowledge, and expertise has been invaluable to me. Nick and 4D Endurance has truly made all the difference in my ability to train and compete at a higher level. - Becky DiSorbo - Las Vegas, NV


We have a USA Triathlon All-American. We have a member of the very first USA Olympic Triathlon team. We have a USA Triathlon Ambassador. Together, our group of coaches has completed an impressive number of athletic accomplishments including: Top 5% finisher in Ironman Triathlon, Regional/National Championships, 2000 Sydney Olympic Triathlon, All American Athlete Ranking.

Mike Smith

• 2017 USAT All American • 2017 North Carolina State Setup Cup Triathlon Series Champion • 2016 North Carolina State Setup Cup Triathlon Series Champion • 2015 USAT All American • 2015 Setup Event Ultra Distance Champion • 2015 B2B Iron Distance AG Winner • 2015 North Carolina State Setup Cup Triathlon Series Champion • 2015 Charlotte Regional Sport MTB Champion • 2015 Xterra Triathlon Top 5 Overall Finisher • 2015 Xterra National Top 3 AG • 2013/2014 Top 3 Xterra Regional Championship • 2014 Xterra Multiple Top 15 Overall Finisher • 2014 Multiple MTB Regional Winner ( 2- 1st; 3 - 2nd; 3 - 3rd) • 2014 3rd Place MTB Regional Championship Finisher • 2014 Triathlon AG Winner (1 - 1st; 2 - 2nd) • 2014 Triathlon Top 12 Overall Finisher • 2014 Off-Road Duathlon (1 - 2nd Overall; 1- 3rd Overall) • 2013 Xterra World Championships Qualifier • 2013/2014 Xterra National Championship Qualifier • 2013/2014 USA National Cyclocross Team Qualifier • 2013/2014 Road Triathlon National Championships • 2013 Xterra World Championships Finisher  

• CPT PES and CES Certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine • USATF and USAT Coach Certification • Sports EQ Certification • PRI Certification  

4D Endurance Online

Nick Radkewich

Olympian - 2000 Olympics U.S. Olympic Committee Triathlete of the Year-1998 USA Triathlon Elite Triathlete of the Year-1998 USA Triathlon Age Group Athlete of the Year-1990 Competitor Magazine Endurance Sports Achievement Award-2000  

U.S. Elite National Champion-Olympic Format U.S. Junior National Champion U.S. Age Group National Champion-Overall Ironkids National Champion 2x U.S. Goodwill Games Team 4x U.S. Elite World Championships Team  

M.S. Sports & Recreation Management-Coaching, New England College B.A. Management Information Systems, University of Notre Dame Nick has been coaching for over 11 years including triathletes and runners as a personal coach and NCAA Cross Country/Track & &&e&d Coach. Specialties include race strategies, mental preparation, run specific event training and overall multi-sport training program design.  

Nick resides in Davidson, NC  



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