What’s the main reason you training with us?
I want to resolve my heel pain.
What Was It Like Before You Started Personal Training? Did you have goals you were struggling to achieve?
I had been walking around 12-14 miles a day, 5 days a week and developed severe heel pain. Over time, it was a struggle to reach 5 miles.
Was there anything that initially prevented you from hiring a personal trainer? If so, what made you take the first step?
I needed someone to help me with gait patterning instead of weight loss or the typical reason to get a trainer. I wanted to resolve my heel pain by fixing the muscular problem rather than cortisone shots.
What made our personal trainers stand out from other options?
Mike’s knowledge of neuromuscular repatterning and anatomy were very impressive and I knew this type of work was exactly what I needed.
What made you happiest about working with us?
Learning about how weakness in one area of the body can impact pain in another area.
What goals initially caused you to reach out to a personal trainer?
I want to maintain my walking schedule.
What have you been able to achieve since working out with us? Where have you seen the most progress?
My daily pain has decreased overall. Before I starting working with Mike and Sergio, I had nightly leg pain during sleep and limped for the first 30 minutes each morning. My night pain has been eliminated and I am walking much better in the mornings.
What has exceeded your expectations since working with us?
The knowledge I am learning is invaluable. I’m learning how to retrain my muscles and brain to perform moves in the correct way to avoid injury.